Protect Your Brand

  • Let us find out for you who's copying your product. Don't waste time while you continue to incur losses.

    It's not enough to identify who the person or company is before you run to your lawyers and start a legal action.

    You can't start a legal action for losses unless you know how much damage has been done. Inquiries have to be made to determine the background or assets (if any) of the potential defendant and/or respondent.


    Is the company a one-man show, or a complex manufacturing and distribution network that goes right back to manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong? We have been there, seen it, done it and can prove it.

    You may be able to get an order to have the company cease and desist, but usually such an order is issued along with a claim for losses.

    Evidence has to be gathered, the true parties (owners) have to be identified, and affidavits have to be prepared (this is just the first step!)

    The Corpa Group works regularly in this regard with Patent, Trademark & Copyright Solicitors.

    We know exactly what elements have to be in place in order that any Solicitor (or Attorney) can succeed in obtaining an order and can determine the likelihood of collecting on losses.

    We are highly resourceful and operate with a global scope when it comes to matters of import, export, and the complex channels of manufacturing and worldwide distribution.

    Call or write us--we will do our very best to quote you a reasonable rate compatible with a comfortable budget, that both parties can work with to obtain results quickly.

    We will not take on an assignment unless there is some likelihood of obtaining a result.